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Farm Spirit celebrates the intersection of craft: foragers, farmers, cooks, potters, winemakers, and brewers with our guests at the fourteen seat Chef’s Counter in our kitchen.

From our Oregon Ash counter, to the carved wooden spoons and handmade pottery, we feature the work of regional artisans to emphasize our commitment to local.

Guests are able to witness the creation of each dish and learn the inspiration behind each plate, as each course is prepared right before the diner at our Chef's counter.  With each plate there is a story. We’ve developed strong relationships with our farmers and forager friends. The soil, climate, and location of each individual farm or forest deliver a surprising amount of diversity. We celebrate Cascadia by carefully sourcing all produce - including nuts, grains, and oils - from less than 105 miles away of Farm Spirit.


Hugging the great Pacific, Cascadia slices out a sliver of land from southern Alaska to Oregon. We're the west of the Pacific Northwest, a temperate rain forest, known for our wet weather and fertile lands. 

While we call our cuisine Cascadian, we source produce from no farther than Oregon and Southern Washington. We hope to represent the generous spirit of the region and that our guests leave knowing a little bit more about what we have to offer in the Great Northwest.

Our farmer friends

Groundworks Organics, Junction City
Dancing Roots Farm, Troutdale
Vibrant Valley Farm, Portland
Pratum Botanicals, Portland
Sauvie Island Organics, Portland
Greenwillow Grains, Tangent
Lonesome Whistle Farm, Junction City
Draper Girl Country Farm, Mt Hood
Denoble Farms, Tillamook
Freddy Guys Hazelnuts, Monmouth
Persephone Farm, Lebanon
Unger's Farm, Cornelius
Buckman Community Garden, Portland




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